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I am no one, yet I am everyone. I have existed forever and I shall exist for as long as shadows corrupt the minds and hearts of men… I am the darkness— Just kidding! I’m nothing of the sort, I’m just a simple over-opiniated white boy with access to a keyboard and a rage beyond the norm of those who hail from a happy middle class upbringing. Oh, and I also lost a nut in a drunken bar fight with my mother.

Anywhom, enough self-deprecation for the sake of a cheap chuckle. My Name is Steven (As I’m sure you’ve managed to guess, and if you haven’t… Well fuck.. Your observational skills are signifigantly under par.) I’m many things, an expert in all things geekdom, a metal fan, a (sort-of) proud Greek, a pesudo-intellectual, a hopless romantic, a porn addict, a prick, a chav, a cunt, AND an aspiring author.

I have a wide array of things that interest me, meaning that I’ll pretty much write about anything. Music/Movie/Literature/Video Game/Anime/Comic Reviews? Hell Yes! Short Stories? Hell yes! Life Experiences? Hell Yes! My attempts at Gonzo Journalism? Ad Nauseam!

Along with the other two dudeski’s on this hur blog, I hope we can shape this into a truly enjoyable reading experience. I anxiously await what shall become of this website


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